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What is Bio-diesel?

Bio-diesel is the common name for fuel made from vegetable oil.This can either be from crops grown specifically (such as soya) or can be made from recycled vegetable oil.

All Hour Car bio-diesel is made from vegetable oil (usually recycled) which has undergone a process of trans-esterification to make a fuel very similar in properties to pump diesel.

Bio Diesel Cycle

Bio-diesel is a much cleaner fuel than fossil diesel, producing far lower levels of pollutants.It is also Carbon Neutral.That is, the Carbon Dioxide produced when it is burned is the same as that which is absorbed from the atmosphere when it is a plant.

Hour Car fills vehicles with 100% Bio Diesel.

The concept of using bio-diesel fuel for vehicles dates back to 1885, when Dr. Rudolph Diesel developed the first diesel engine, which he originally ran on vegetable oil. When he demonstrated his engine at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 he used peanut oil to power it.

Since that time the price of this type of oil has increased when compared to mineral oil. Whilst the economics of supply and demand has created this situation, mineral oil is a finite resource and reserves will not last forever, whereas vegetable oil crops are renewable.

Over all bio-diesel offers a range of environmental benefits unrivalled by any other alternative fuel.

Bio-diesel is the easiest, cleanest and most sustainable and renewable form of vehicle fuel currently available.

It can be manufactured from waste cooking oils. It is safely biodegradable and non-toxic.

Bio-diesel can be used straight or as a blend in place of fossil diesel, without modification, in all modern diesel powered engines.

Life cycle emissions of greenhouse gases from bio-diesel are 55% lower that fossil diesel. bio-diesel emits far less greenhouse gases and local air pollutants than its mineral oil based competitors. The emissions of Carbon Monoxide (a poisonous gas) from bio-diesel are on average 40% lower than carbon monoxide emissions from diesel.

Tailpipe emissions of local air pollutants are better than fossil diesel specifically: Particulate emissions of bio-diesel are measured as 20 to 39% lower than low sulphur fossil diesel and 10 to 29% lower that ULSD.

Sulphur emissions are a major contributor of acid rain. Oxides of Sulphur emissions from bio-diesel are at least 80% lower than low sulphur fossil diesel and are comparable or lower than ULSD, due to the negligible sulphur content of bio fuels.

Nitrogen Oxides are a contributing factor in the localised formation of smog and ozone. Nitrogen Oxides emissions from bio-diesel are comparable with those from ULSD. Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides from bio-diesel can be significantly reduced by adjustment to the engines timing. Catalytic converters, which reduce emissions from fossil diesel also, function effectively with bio-diesel.

Volatile Organic Compounds emissions from bio-diesel are 55% lower than low sulphur fossil diesel emissions.

Bio-diesel has significantly lower toxicity, better biodegradability and higher flash points than fossil fuels. Bio-diesel is less toxic than table salt (sodium chloride) and less irritating to the skin than soap.

The flash point of fossil diesel is approximately 52 Celsius while bio-diesel has a much higher flashpoint of approximately 151 Celsius. Bio-diesel degrades by 91% in the first twenty-one days: Dextrose (a test sugar used as the positive control when testing biodegradability) degrades at the same rate. Bio-diesel degrades about four to five times faster than fossil diesel fuels and can be used as a solvent to aid clean up of fossil diesel spills. This makes bio-diesel particularly well suited to use in sensitive areas e.g. Inland waterways, unprotected ground excavations and agricultural land.

How will bio-diesel be used?

It can be used as a direct replacement for mineral diesels and is an environmentally friendly diesel fuel, which can power existing diesel engines, used in cars, vans, buses and lorries already on the road today.

The fuel can be used by itself as 100% bio-diesel (known as B100) or in a mixture as a 95% mineral diesel, 5% bio-diesel blend (B95) that is the now familiar 'green' diesel that is already on sale at Forecourt sites. This mixed blend is most favourable to vehicle manufacturers and technicians as it provides the fuel with extra qualities that enhance lubrication, boosting fuel economy in the process.


Bio-diesel is the only 'drop in fuel' replacement for existing fuel types. In a mineral blend bio-diesel does not require any modifications to be made to the vehicle and in a 95% mineral diesel, 5% bio-diesel blend actually improves fuel efficiency. Using vegetable and animal oils, either pure or used, means that not only is the main raw material renewable, it also contributes to environmental issues by using up residual oils whilst the new crops absorb CO2 gases created whilst burning the fuel in a diesel engine. By adding bio-diesel to mineral oil supplies we will be able to extend the existing fossil fuel reserves.


In the last decade there has been a determined political effort to identify and develop suitable fuels for society's future needs. Whilst there have been a number of novel schemes, the most promising option uses existing technology and can be used immediately in modern engines. This fuel is bio-diesel.

Because bio-diesel is produced from natural products it emits lower levels of CO2 and SOx than other fuels. The raw material is more readily available as vegetable oil crops can be grown throughout the EU.

Using used vegetable oils, as a raw material to manufacture bio-diesel will reduce the need for the disposal of these oils to landfill sites. This has tremendous benefits for the environment. In addition vehicles running on blends of bio-diesel show benefits in almost all key emission groups whilst replacing the lubricity characteristics removed in using low sulphur fossil fuels. With the development of diesel engines improving all the time, performance levels now either meet or exceed petrol engines. This will lead to users taking advantage of higher fuel economy and lower emissions produced by bio-diesel.

The number of cars on the road continues to grow year on year, with diesel vehicles making up a considerable number of new car registrations. By using more bio-diesel even blended with mineral diesel, motorists will be able to help slow down the amount of gas emissions which contribute to global warming.

Do you need to pay Tax?

Yes, you must pay duty on all fuels. We will be buying our bio-diesel from an authorised manufacturer and paying the legal duty on it.

Hour Car fills vehicles with 100% Bio Diesel.